Tom Bennet

3 Logical Alternatives to Animated GIFs

May 16, 2016
— for Builtvisible

GIFs are one of the oldest image formats on the web, and animated graphics are one of the format’s few remaining strongholds. This article explores three ways in which the modern web can offer us a better solution to animation.

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How to Build a Raspberry Pi Terrarium Controller

April 11, 2016
— for Tom’s Carnivores

Whether you’re growing tropical plants or keeping reptiles as pets, an electronic controller can provide a more stable environment than you could ever hope to achieve using regular timers. By integrating your terrarium into the Internet-of-Things using a Raspberry Pi, it’s possible to create a highly-extensible system which offers automation, data visualisation, alerts, and pretty much anything you or your pets could want.

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Bridging the Generation Gap: Porting Games to New Platforms

November 30, 2015
— for Polygon

This feature explores remastered and ported video games, and is based on my interviews with developers at Naughty Dog, Bluepoint Games, Nixxes Software, Aspyr Media, and Digital Eclipse. Using The Last of Us Remastered as a case study, the piece explores the unique challenges inherent to the reproduction of interactive experiences.

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The 3 Fundamental Principles Of Technical SEO

November 25, 2015
— for Smashing Magazine

This comprehensive guide to technical SEO is aimed primarily at web developers, and walks readers through the fundamental principles of organic search optimisation. The article covers crawl accessibility, indexation diagnostics, canonicalisation, multi-regional and multilingual setups, link profile maintenance and more.

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Responsive Images for Busy People: Srcset & Sizes

September 30, 2015
— for Builtvisible

This guide provides a practical, hands-on introduction to the responsive image syntax using the new ‘srcset’ and ‘sizes’ CSS attributes.

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How Save and Restore Classic Games

September 16, 2015
— for Rock Paper Shotgun

An exploration of video game preservation, based on interviews with archivists and restorationists at digital distribution service This feature uncovers the process of digital archaeology, including license acquisition, emulators & wrappers, code hunting, and digitisation of printed assets, as well as touching on the wider issues surrounding the preservation of classic titles.

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Responsive Sprite Animations with ImageMagick and GreenSock

April 1, 2015
— for SitePoint

In this tutorial, I explain how to create the responsive sprite animations seen in my feature on Command & Conquer. The guide includes instructions for creating image sprites using the command line, animating them using the CSS keyframe syntax while maintaining their responsive dimensions, and finally a technique to bind playback to the scrollbar using JavaScript.

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Pixels Please: Image Scaling in CSS

March 26, 2015
— for Builtvisible

A practical introduction to the ‘image-rendering’ CSS property, now supported by all major browsers. By using the appropriate values (available here as a mixin), it is possible to override the anti-aliasing applied by the browser’s default scaling algorithm to preserve the pixelation of low-resolution images. Particularly useful for pixel art, the property can be applied to background images, inline images, and canvas elements.

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