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Welcome to my new website. Shiny. This is the obligatory Hello World post.

Hello World

January 14, 2014

Welcome to my new website. Shiny. This is the obligatory Hello World post.

First things first, please forgive the pretentious choice of TLD. The appeal of a super-geeky firstname@lastname email address outweighed my reluctance to brand myself as a non-profit organisation.

My main goal here was to create a website from scratch, without relying on a CMS. WordPress is great and I use it daily, but when it’s necessary to tinker under the hood, I’m lost in loops and functions that I don’t understand or need. Here under my own roof, I intend to use only code I write myself, or - failing that - code I understand. For this reason, you can expect the doors to fall off fairly regularly.

For anyone thinking of trying something similar, I’d highly recommend it. Out of necessity, you’ll familiarize yourself with everything taken for granted when using a CMS. I’ve honed my HTML5 and CSS3 skills, discovered the wonders of CSS preprocessors, and also better understand the underlying principles behind responsive design and the semantic web. The result? Total control over a site purpose-built from the ground-up.

There’s still a long way to go, and plenty of functionality is still missing, so as such this site will be an ongoing project. Thanks to everyone who gave me pointers along the road to getting online.

My other motivation for creating this site was desire for my own platform. In the era of social media, thousands of streams of content vie for our time and attention, making for a perpetual tsunami of ’newness’. Rather than try to compete, I’ve decided to take my lead from Frank Chimero and build my own house, so to speak. Both my full-time job and my freelance work involve writing, but here on my own turf I can write - with absolutely no guarantee of quality – about whatever I feel like.

As such, I would expect this blog to veer unsteadily from topic to topic, at least at first, as I find my feet. I intend to focus mainly on long-form reviews and retrospectives of films and games, perhaps interspersed with the occasional technical how-to. On the other hand, all this may fail to materialise, replaced instead by something skydiving-related. We’ll see.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy 2014!

Image Credit: Ramsey Nasser

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